Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative hobby.  But it can also be time consuming.  So here’s a “Top 5” flow chart to help automate the affiliate marketing content.

It’s simple.  Fill in the orange boxes with the requested information.  And then copy the Magic Formula, and paste it into the text of your WordPress post.  

And if you’re unsure how to fill in the flow chart, scroll below for some simple instructions on how to make your affiliate blogging easier.

Flow Chart Instructions:

To automate the “Top 5 Product Review” blog post, you’ll need to fill in the orange boxes.  And here is what is needed in each box:

  1. Amazon Associate’s ID – This is the most important box.  And it’s critical that you enter the correct information.  Because if you enter the wrong information, then Amazon will never credit you for the sales you bring to its web site.  And you can find your tracking ID by going to your Amazon Associate Page.  And hover your mouse over the account drop down box, and then select “Manage Your Tracking ID’s.”  See picture below:

amazon associats tracking id

2. Product Anchor Text – Next, you’ll need to fill in (5) separate Product Anchor Texts.  The product anchor text is the text that is linked to the product page.  So if you’re writing a top 5 review on chew toys, then your intro text for 1 toy could be “Get Your Mitts and Teeth On This Top Selling Chew Toy.”  This is a great place to put keywords as well.

3. Intro – This might be the least important block to fill.  But you’ll want to write a 1-sentence introduction for the product you’re reviewing.  It’s not that big of a deal if you skip this block.  But it could be a nice way to kick-start you mind when it comes time to write the actual content.

4. Amazon ASIN – This step is critical.  Each product that you’re including on your “Top 5 Review” post has it’s own separate Amazon ASIN number.  That number can be found on usually towards the bottom of the page, beneath the “Product Details.”

5. Product Video iFrame – This is another optional step.  But if you want to add some supplemental YouTube videos for each product, then this is the location to enter it.  But just know that you want the embedded YouTube information.  Any other form won’t work.

And once you enter all of that information, copy the entire formula from the Magic Formula box.  And paste that information in the text area of your WordPress post or page.

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Affiliate Marketing Article Flow Chart
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