Shop And Save When You Print These Wallet-Stuffing Coupons

Your every-day essential items don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.  We have hundreds of daily coupons that can save you thousands throughout the year.  So find that warm spot on the couch, and settle down for some optimal browsing excitement.  You’ll find savings for juice, dairy, groceries, toiletries, and more.

And don’t just browse once.  Because new coupons are being added every day.  So you’d be better off squeezing this coupon medley into your routine so you don’t miss out on some pocket-stuffing savings.

Find Coupons Quick & Easy

Sorting through hundreds of coupons is no easy task, especially when you’re on the hunt for one specific coupon.  So the best way to locate that hidden gem, is to use the drop down menu.  This way, you can isolate the desired coupon by your product’s category.  Or, if there’s a specific brand that you need to have, you can easily hunt through those means as well.

But, if you’re a person of opportunity, then sorting through each coupon shouldn’t be too daunting, knowing that there is a quick deal right around the corner.

Start with Coupon Categories:

Visit the link and scroll over the “Categories” button. Then choose a category you are looking to find discounts and coupons in.

Click on your category and you will find every coupon related to this title.  From Baby and Toddler, to health care, to food & beverages, you can find any type of coupon that will help you save money.

Consider Coupons by Brand

If you know exactly what brand you want you can go directly to the “Brand” page.

This is where you can find a detailed list of all the name brands available.  And for your convenience, they’ll identify how many coupons are available for each brand, which will help you get to the grocery store faster.

But since it’s typically difficult to find the specific brand you’re looking for, we always encourage to buy generic.  It’s tastes the same, and you can receive a better unit price, which is the holy grail of parsimony.

So if you’re looking for a Ben and Jerry’s Coupon, or a Nutty Buddy Coupon then you should go right for the Brand, and charge ahead to secure what type of coupon you’re looking for.

How Can I Maximize My Coupon Savings?

This is an age-old question. Some historians trace coupons back to the dawn of man. Other anthropologists claim to have undug proof of coupons from ancient burial grounds.

The real answer for the coupon origin is no one knows for sure.  However, there are many answers to maximizing coupons.  Doubling, stacking, and even exchanging them for gift cards are popular tactics.

What I do know is that your savings don’t need to stop at the first coupon. Here are a few other methods for maximizing your coupons savings:

Double The Manufacturer Coupon

I know what you’re thinking. Doubling the manufacturer coupon sounds too good to be true.

It sounds like someone is dangling a giant coupon carrot in-front of your saving’s snout, as you eagerly lap at its rewards. This is no dangling carrot. There are stores that will double your manufacturer coupon, but just as with everything, there is a catch:

Firstly, from the plethora of stores I’ve browsed through, it appears that only grocery stores offer this coupon perk.

Now, it’s unknown if every grocery store offers this perk, but I can tell you that the doubled coupon market isn’t sizzling in big box stores.

Walmart, Target, Rite Aide, and any other national grocers won’t be doubling your coupon. But if that has you down, then check out these great retail store coupons that can help you boost your savings.

So, now that you know where you can shop, you still need to know the parameters for your doubled manufacturer coupons. The grocery stores that are wild enough to double the face-value of coupons, limit this perk to coupons with a face-value of $0.99 or less.

I mean, although this is a bummer, I have to side with the grocery stores.  I’m not sure what retail outfit could possibly expect to stay in business if they allow $10, $20, or even $50 coupons to double.

They’d be buying product at a loss if they let the doubled coupons run wild.  So they need to limit it within reason of their business model.

Maybe that’s a death-blow to your coupon venture, but don’t let it sag you into the finance abyss. There’s still plenty of money to be saved, which is the equivalent of making money.

Stack Those Coupons For Maximum Savings

The next lucrative coupon ensemble is stacking coupons.  No, I don’t mean stack them like a deck of cards.  I mean stacking your manufacturer coupon with another coupon that is being offered by the store you’re shopping in.

For example, I shop at a grocery store and I bring my manufacturer coupon for Premier Protein, or anything else.

Then, that grocery store also has a different, but very valid coupon for Premier Protein. So, after reading through the store’s coupon policy, I realized I can stack both coupons, to increase my saving.

So if my manufacturer coupon was valued at $0.99, and the in-store coupon was valued at $0.25, then I could save $1.24 on that item.  That’s a great savings opportunity.

But this opportunity doesn’t immediately present itself. Sometimes, the manufacturer coupon is available at a different time than the in-store coupon.

Sometimes there isn’t an in-store coupon. Instead, it’s a in-store promotion. Those promotions may be advertised only to club members, instead of through inserts.

What I’m trying to say is that although you can drastically reduce the cost of an item by stacking coupons, you have to put in your time and due diligence to make sure you’re getting the best available deal.

But the key phrase here is coupon policy.  

If you’ve seen many of my coupon posts, you’ll notice that I playfully suggest that you “better know how to read.”

I’m sure you know how to read.  After all, you’ll browsing through a website with more content than coupons.

So what I mean when I ask that question is that each store has its own coupon policy. Each policy verifies what you can and cannot do with each coupon.

It would be naive to think that you can strut into any store, with any coupon, and expect maximum savings. If you made that attempt, all you’d end up doing is wasting your time!

The coupon policy will let you know if you can or cannot double manufacturer coupons.  If you have a $0.99 coupon, you bet your ass you will be looking for a store that doubles coupons.

If you have a coupon that is $4, like this Gillette Razor Coupon, then you have a little more liberation, knowing that you can take your saving’s search to big box stores.

Look for coupon overages

The holy grail of couponing is coupon overages. This occurs when your coupons accrue more value than the products you’re actually buying.

So, if you’re shopping in a store that allows stacked coupons and you use those coupons on an item that’s for sale, then the item is less than the value of the coupons, you have a coupon overage.

Now, some stores treat each instance differently. If you’re shopping at a very friendly store, then they will actually pull cash out of their drawer and hand you the difference.

Other times, a store will just give you the item for free. They won’t reimburse you for the difference in coupon value. Instead, they just hand over the item. Which is still nice, but it’d be even nicer to get the actual money back in your pocket!

The only store that I know of that honors coupon overages is Walmart. However, Walmart doesn’t double manufacturer coupons. So, it’s unlikely you’ll get into a situation where your coupons will become more valuable than the actual item in question.

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