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Work Them Fingers To The Bone.

No matter how many coupons we clip, and how little we spend, and how much money we save, it always feels like we’re not making enough money.  So here are some valuable side hustle ideas to boost your weekly income, while you continue to reduce your weekly expenses.

Saving money is a game of patience and discipline.  It involves tedious hours of clipping coupons, hunting store deals, finding bargains, and building a cognitive blue print of where every store’s clearance rack is located.  And all of that patience and discipline does pay off.  It’s easy to save 50% of a year supply of tooth paste, or figure out how to score 10 gallons of laundry detergent for the price of 1 gallon.  Savings deals like these are common in the parsimonious life style.

But no matter how many coupons you clip, and how many clearance items you buy, and how much money you save, spending and cost reduction can only go so far.  So in the endless pursuit of financial freedom, learning to make extra money on the side can compliment all of your parsimonious efforts.

And although coupon clipping is a noble activity, it’s important to remember that saving money is the same as making money.  And if we’re trying to to save money so that we have more money to spend on personal endeavors, then it’s worth considering side hustle ideas, to boost our freedom to spend.

A side hustle isn’t the same as a part time job.  A side hustle is something you do on your own time.  It’s finding a way to earn money through something you currently do.  Maybe you can resell some of items you get marked down.  Maybe you can help others with your home maintenance skills for a fee.  Maybe you can use your computer skills to launch a drop ship website.  There are a variety of ways to earn extra money.  So don’t jump the gun, and run out the door for a bogus part time job.

Through various side hustles, side projects, online businesses, drop ship websites, and Craig’s List gigs, here are a variety of ways to put your free time to use, and to pull in some extra cash.

  • Side Hustle Ideas #1 – Craig’s List Gigs: Menial labor doesn’t have to be grueling.  So here’s how 1 man found a variety of 35 hours worth of work off Craig’s List.

  • Buy & Trade Cryptocurrencies: I made $6000 in 3 months buying and holding Ethereum.  And now that I won big, the cryptocurrency bug as bit me.  And I’m buying up cryptos left and right for massive profits.

  • Affiliate Marketing Blogs: Operating an affiliate marketing blog can be very lucrative.  However, it can also be time consuming.  So here’s an affiliate marketing flow chart to automate your “Top 5 Product Review” posts.

  • Claim you Unclaimed Property: Did you know there’s a national database where you can discover if you have unclaimed property that’s waiting for you?  You could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of unclaimed property.  So here’s the website to inspect to see what’s owed to you.

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