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When it comes to caring for your bearded dragon, leopard gecko, or any other beloved pet, finding the proper food and nutrition is a critical step.  And one of the best food sources are crickets.  They’re an excellent source of lean protein, with very little fat.  Which means that you can use them as a staple food source for your beloved pet.

If you are looking for a fatty, intermittent food source.  Then their superworms are a great option.  They offer a decent amount of protein, similar to the crickets.  However, one caveat is that they’re high in fat content.  And although fat is stigmatized with negative connotations, it can actually be an important substance for pregnant dragons, or reptiles entering brumation.

But before you place your order, make sure you’re aware of their shipping schedule.  The Critter Depot only ships on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  And it’s not because they’re lazy.  It’s because they want to ensure the live product doesn’t get stuck over the weekend.  This greatly increases the likeliness that the crickets or superworms will survive the transit.

But, although they have limited shipments leaving every week.  They do offer guaranteed live delivery.  Sometimes, even though a company or organization can take every necessary precaution, there are other factors that come into consideration that a company can’t account for.  Hot and cold weather are the 2 biggest culprits.  But it’s not fair for the consumer to take that risk.  So The Critter Depot assumes the responsibility, and honors their live delivery guarantee.

And incase you’re browsing around for bearded dragon information, how to raise crickets, or any other information regarding reptile pet care, you can rest and search easy knowing that the vital information can all be found in one location.

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